Seth W. Davis

A seasoned software architect and I.T. solutions engineer who is passionate about integrating leadership skills and creative development processes toward building modern technology solutions that address real world problems and create opportunities for stakeholders.



Extensive computer knowledge and development experience, including: Windows, Mac, Linux (LAMP/LEMP, shell scripting, various sysadmin functions, etc), SQL and NoSQL databases, RESTful web service and API architecture, web frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django, Express, etc), Enterprise/Cloud services and APIs (Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Stripe, etc), HTML and CSS (including frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation), Agile/Scrum, DevOps, RegEx, TDD, CI, VCS (git, Mercurial, Subversion).

Common programming language experience—throughout the years.

• JavaScript (1998-current) • Perl (1998-2007) • PHP (2004-current) • Python (2006-current) • Ruby (2009-current) • Go (2013-current)


Administrative and organizational skills, research and strategic planning, quality assurance, documentation writing, bookkeeping and accounting, excellent written and verbal communication, touch speed-typing (Colemak layout), excellent relational skills, confident working with and managing people.

Employment History

2006-Current — Founder & Principal Consultant @ Curia Solutions
  • Implemented start-up level and enterprise scale business solutions as a technology consultant, systems architect, project manager, technical lead, and polyglot programmer.
  • Developed responsive medium-to-high traffic content delivery, e-commerce, and social networking websites and web applications.
  • Architected, documented, and maintained secure high performance web services and JSON APIs for mobile (iPhone, Android, etc) and other (AngularJS, VueJS, etc) client applications.
  • Managed and led globally distributed development teams on numerous on-time and on-budget projects for clients such as MLS (Major League Soccer), the Danaher Corporation, and Curvature.
2011-2014 — Sr. Software Engineer & Web Applications Team Lead @ Bethel Media
  • Directed teams of designers and developers responsible for building and maintaining secure high performance web applications with hundreds of thousands of users and revenues in the millions of dollars.
  • Coordinated and led the migration and upgrade of many legacy tools, processes, and webapps to more state of the art platforms and technologies, resulting in significant savings of maintenance time and infrastructure costs.
2003-2006 — Operations Manager @ Larry Randolph Ministries
  • Coordinated and executed workshops, training schools, and conferences with attendances in the thousands; involving constant oversight and management from start to finish including collaboration with local governments and other organizations.
  • Implemented various technology solutions such as building e-commerce platforms and managing marketing campaigns, facilitating the development of multiple revenue streams.
1996-2003 — CTO @ The Elijah Company
  • Administered technology solutions through I.T. management and developing the company's online presence.
  • Exclusively architected a custom e-commerce solution resulting in a transition from 100% mail-order sales to around 80% e-commerce sales in less than 1 year, resulting in a significant increase in profits and reduction in business overhead.

Career Highlights

Led the development of a full-scale inventory and accounting integrated e-commerce system with nearly 5,000 products (both physical and digital) and annual profits in the millions of dollars (using a technology stack consisting of Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and AWS).
Exclusively architected a full-featured private social networking site that gained several hundred active users in the first 90 days (using a technology stack consisting of HTML5, Python, MongoDB, AWS, AMQP, and Fabric).
Led and managed a team of globally distributed Jr. & Sr. developers in the complete re-development and re-launch of all websites for Major League Soccer (MLS) and its 16 soccer teams.
Exclusively architected a web-based order management and tracking solution for the #1 auto transport company in the US.
At age 19, exclusively architected a custom e-commerce solution for one of the nation's top educational resource companies, with several hundred products and annual profits of up to a million dollars.
At age 16, co-taught the "beginning internet" course at my local Community College.
At age 15, released my first open source project, which reached a user base of several thousand active users and won many awards on various review sites.